This episode is for the people that don't understand some of the language for Production. We talk about terms and words that are thrown around the studio by producers engineers and musicians the same! Me and Maestro give you a beginners guide to production class 101 is now in session!

This producer Hovers over the studio consistently putting in work! From Washington D.C. he learned at an early age that he would have to hover over the bs in the streets to get to where he wants to be. He is definitely on a mission to seek his own fresh sound! 


@Chrishovers_             FB: Chrishoversbeats        

Beatstars: Chrishovers                 YouTube:  Chrishovers 

On this episode we are talking Lo-fi, but JustJared his beats are more like sky high!  This producer is only just begun. We talk rabbit holes of music and finding the soul in it so sit back relax and just take a sample of whats cookin!



@justjaredbeats          Spotify: just jared MPC Heads                                       



If you want to take your mind off the political things that are going on today; thats ok! Bougie Beats is here! With his "Lil Uzi Vert"/ Pop Smoke type sound beats he is sure to set it off like a firecracker! Check this up and coming producer out!



Email:      @bougiebeatsofficial

This music Producer is my first EDM beatmaker on the podcast! With all the madness going on in the World she was able to not only give us the origin of this genre she also was able to give us a hot cooked up meal(beat)! Though her life has been tough dealing with the weight of the world which effects mental health she has been able to weather the storm and transform her madness into music! 


Soundcloud:  Do$age  Spotify/FB: Do$age   Instagram: @Dosageofficial 

 I want to start off by saying R.I.P. to everyone that has lost their life due to covid-19 that we know and don't know.  This producer Clint Music has produced for Grammy Nominated artist and has intertwined both bussiness and beats!  He has taken his music producing to the next level by giving back his game on what he has learned as a music producer making hits for tv. and radio production! 

  Hoping to inspire someone Taylor Made It definitely has! During this Carona Virus Pandemic this Aggie, Alpha, Grammy Nominated Producer has sewed together the cloth of a Super producer!  Straight out of Charlotte,NC. he's been producing well over a decade so if you want that sauce handmade call Taylor Made!  

This Episode was dedicated to his brother R.I.P   Everett Taylor lll          @that_boy_taylormade     

Quarantined for this episode we did over a instagram live video!  One of the hottest producers out of North Carolina this producer makes it happen anywhere!  We talk about Quarantine and how it's paying off for music producers, the new sound and the music he makes! Take a break from tik tok and Stay safe and out the way and press play!




Email:             Instagram:  kpthebeatmaker

    This producer is what we call a military brat lol. Having moved around a lot as a kid, it blended his style and made his sauce a little thicker!  Though he hasn't been making beats for much you would not be able to tell because he has definitely been playing instuments and reading music for quite some time. ATTENTION!  SALUTE!!!!!!  



Instagram:  Twitter:  @glendino          Email:       #7709123874

Tidal: Itunes: soundcloud: Glendino 

 This producer who pledged Kappa alpha psi isn't jus stomping the yard, he's stomping Beats!  We chop it up about Black History Month the special things you should do for your loved one on Valentines Day and more!!!!!            @kingkevinbeatz

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