This Producer right here knows how to give you good music! If your looking for the good keys, Holly will give you that Holly - Wood sound! With a cool calm and collective personality his beats are made organically.

This Tag-Team duo is like the same super hero!  Having different super powers but equally skilled.  This is the best of both worlds no R.Kelly (get it!) Both from Chicago they give you that sound times two!  




@pacino773 on all platforms  email: 

phone: 6307418928                                 @jaefreshmen 

This producer is the other half to an amazing duo. This Chicago kid beats are like Al Pacino in the movie Scarface, Raw!  His melodies are translucent with the sound he develop with the 808s and hi hats. They will make you move so "Say Hello To His Little Friend"!  



Email:            all platforms: Pacino773     

Phone number: 630-741-8928

This Producer is far from a Freshman! He's more of a senior with the skills he has.  With his beats sounding like they are on the Varsity squad.  He is part of a tag team duo that can exist as one.  His beats are from the Windy City and will blow you away! 



Social media:  @jaefreshmen     email: 

This producer here is been musically influenced since a youngin!  As he grows his beats also grows.  If you haven't heard about him yet, you will really soon! This man is on his job!  



BeatsByHod            Social media: @BeatsByHod   

This music producer right here is what we call a Professor of music production.  He has been doing everything from playing instruments to studying music theory since he was a kid!  He grew up knowing nothing but Indian music but living in the city of Motown he was able to adopt some extra sounds and mix those together.  Technical should be his name cause of the way he plays with sounds. So all Nubes if you want to learn to produce music this is professor to teach ya! 

When you hear this dope producer, you will think his soundz were Chozen by the music gods!  His Sounds will never go out of style, he's just waiting for y'all to taste the sauce!  As he talks about his life and times I couldn't help to notice the raspiness in his voice and the slight resemblance of the late great DMX! Rip. He cooks up a Covid Vaccination year Beat! Tune In! 


Ig:  Chozensoundz      Email:   



On this episode we have this producer who knows through the fire first hand!   All the way from the motherland, Africa, his beats are rich with blood diamonds. His drums and sound is a natural as the environment and is as classic as France the Eiffel Tower!  


@mrpiaclssics       Email:  Mrpiaclassics@gmailcom   

On this episode we have one of the hottest producers in the game right now! When we says fly high this guy is the definition of it!  The dopest producer to come out of Hawaii, he has all the island sauce for you! His rhythms will have all the women shaking grass skirts!  With his producer name having 808 in it, it isn't because he is part of 808 mafia, but because that 808 runs through his blood! 


@flyhi808studio  @renzy808 @renzy808official  


If your looking for motivation in this New Year look no further!  His sound will drive you to the championship like Lebron James!  Putting Cleveland on the map this producer stretches his beats out all across the country and spits knowledge on this game called producing. If you wanna take your sound to the next level, players/producers/artist then check this man out! 


Ig:  @Benhottbeatz                       website:

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